Bigger isn't always better. The J-Series is a perfect solution for occasions when a different apporach is necessary for success.

A smaller, more economical poster format directly targets your message with the pre-painted 22-gauge standard trim to highlight a posted advertisement. The option of stainless steel Dual Media trim gives a unique look and allows for versatility through posting or easy to install vinyl inserts.

The J-Series offers approximately a 5' x 11' copy area, versatile enough to be mounted on wood structures, single steel poles, or walls. Four 20-gauge galvanized 18" wide x 12' long roll-formed sections interlock together for quick and easy assembly. Zinc-plated hardware fastens each section to a slotted set of back supports, providing ample strength and durability. Need a structure to put it on? We can help with that too. Designed for simplicity, the J-Series system can be installed in minutes, saving you time and money.

The J-Series is a STRONG Panel, backed by STRONG Solutions.

STRONG panels

  • Roll-formed Horizontal Sections
    Designed for maximum strength and minimum assembly.
  • 18" Width Sections
    Wider sections provide optimal surface area.
  • 20-Gauge Galvanized/Bonderized Steel
    Durable protective coating prohibits rust and corrosion.
  • Quick Component Assembly
    Requires less assembly time; increasing productivity.
  • 22-Gauge Trim Packages
    Pre-painted enamel finish is fade resistant for lasting appeal
  • Zinc-Plated Hardware
    Provides extra protection and resists corrosion.

STRONG solutions

  • Turn Key Solutions
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  • Freight Solutions
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The J-Series offers approximately a 5 x 11 copy area

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Mounting Channel
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20 Gauge Galvanized/Bonderized Section
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Galvanized "2" Sprits Section
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J-Bolt and Lock Nut
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Mounting Channel

Attach mounting channels to walls or other structures. The sprit hooks easily onto the top cross-bolt, and the bottom cross-bolt locks the face in place.

20 Gauge Galvanized/Bonderized Section

Sections rollformed to specific tolerences. Flanges provide easy to install interlocking panels for a solid face with a smooth posting surface.

Galvanized "2" Sprits Section

12 Gauge Galvanized sprits are designed to allow the sprit to hook directly into the mounting channel for quick and easy installation.

J-Bolt and Lock Nut

Locks panels firmly together and attaches them securely to the sprit preventing lateral movement.