The 30-Sheet (12' x 25') poster has industry leading standards and provides versatility through options. Highlight the message by posting inside the 11" trim package, or increase your posting area to 300 sq feet by wrapping the entire face.

The H-Series system can be easily assembled on the ground, minimizing assembly time. Installations are made more efficient through the use of eight 18" wide galvanized/bonderized steel sections, roll-formed to provide flanges that interlock the sections to result in a truly smooth posting surface. Attaching the sections to the back supports is made easier through the unique "True Z" shape of the sprit on which these panels rest. For additional weather protection, materials are galvanized for years of service. Even the hardware is zinc plated for durability and performance. The H-Series poster system is the quick and affordable solution to your assembly and installation needs.

The H-Series is a STRONG Panel, backed by STRONG Solutions.

STRONG panels

  • 18" Wide Roll-formed Horizontal Sections
    Designed for maximum strength and minimum assembly.
  • 20-Gauge Galvanized/Bonderized Steel
    Durable protective coating prohibits corrosion and rusting
  • Adjustable Hanger Plates
    Back supports are mountable to standard upright applications
  • Quick Component Assembly
    Requires less assembly time; increasing productivity
  • 22-Gauge Trim Packages
    Pre-painted enamel finish is fade resistant for lasting appeal
  • Zinc-Plated Hardware
    Provides extra protection and resists corrosion

STRONG solutions

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30-sheet poster billboard

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20 Gauge Galvanized/Bonderized Section
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Zinc Plated Anchor Bolts and Nuts
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Galvanized Back Supports
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3/8" Thick Hanger Plate
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20 Gauge Galvanized/Bonderized Section

Galvanized/Bonderized Sections rollformed to specific tolerences. Flanges provide easy to install interlocking panels for a solid face with a smooth posting surface.

Zinc Plated Anchor Bolts and Nuts

3/8" anchor bolts and nuts keep each section firmly attached to back supports preventing any lateral section movement.

Galvanized Back Supports

12 Gauge vertical back supports feature a "Z" shape for easy tool access while resisting windload evenly across whole face surface.

3/8" Thick Hanger Plate

Mount face on a wide variety of stringer configuartions. Thick steel plates provide ample staying power for back supports.