Media Metals, LLC is a manufacturer of metal sections and accessories that comprise the metal backing of a billboard structure. We are the only section manufacturer that can boast of a history of structure fabrication as well as billboard ownership. While we no longer fabricate standard billboard structures, we have close relationships with several companies that do and also network with a number of other companies that can help supply all of your billboard needs.

Media Metals, LLC, has its roots in a humble beggining. In 1969 City Signs, the mother company of Media Metals, was established in Jackson, Tennessee, as a family run and operated custom sign business. In 1994 when ownership was passed to the second generation, emphasis and commitment to Christian principles while doing business were passed on, as well.

In 1997 we moved to our new 13-acre facility and began to manufacture our signature metal sections after we purchased the patented Hook-On Vertical Panel system, formerly owned by Butler Manufacturing. In 1998 we expanded our manufacturing division and began production of our H Series panels featuring our 30-sheet poster series. In 2001 we continued our expansion with the introduction of our H-250 horizontal sections and our Junior series that allowed for a viable alternative sizes. In 2005, Media Metals, LLC, officially became a separate entity from City Signs.  

We are still a family owned company that does business on a local, national, and international level with the earnest desire for complete and total excellence in quality control and customer satisfaction. We are currently working on several new incentive programs, new products and new ordering methods. Our goal is truly to provide strong panels with strong solutions.